The words that falls so brilliantly on a paper,

 cuts my insides like a blade

 Eager to see light again

 Desperate to be heard

 Wanting to help complete the puzzle

 Craving to turn the narrative around

 The words that runs like blood

 Desire contentment

 Once for all

 But what they dont understand

 Is the irony of it all.

 The bleeding would have to cease

 Once euphoria takes control.


Prisoner in a body

He was just another man

With plans, ambition and eagerness

With hopeful dreams, some nervousness

Some joyous times and some thrilling bits

His honesty and furtherance

Had someone he loved, some damage done

The crazed obsession, his passion

Some regrets he had like all of us

Sleepless nights, undue loneliness

Inescapable errors, those waterfalls

Unstated words felt like wrecking balls

Wanted to reshape his existence

Wanted liberation but there were wretched hindrance

Wanted latitude, he wanted to fly

But his mind was imprisoned, he was paralyzed

Absurd quandary

You broke the locks that kept me chained

All this time, these doors were keeping me sane

Now I witness before
me, all the colors have changed

Every piece, every puzzle is deranged

Every instinct, sensation is out of place

Every eye that’s on me, filled with disgrace

I wonder if it’s easier to just mend the locks

Or is it time to elude these blocks?