The words that falls so brilliantly on a paper,

 cuts my insides like a blade

 Eager to see light again

 Desperate to be heard

 Wanting to help complete the puzzle

 Craving to turn the narrative around

 The words that runs like blood

 Desire contentment

 Once for all

 But what they dont understand

 Is the irony of it all.

 The bleeding would have to cease

 Once euphoria takes control.



The same old pavement

The same old place

The same old gentle wind

Breezing with same grace

Everything around me is familiar

Just like it used to be before

Yet my own persona feels unfamiliar

My mind seems to be at war

The stars are shinning all around me

But to me they look like flashing lights

Making me too blind to choose a road

Nothing anymore is black or white

These shades of colors are so deceitful

Which one to pick? which one to leave?

To me, each path looks identical

Has time made me this naive?

Untiring echoes


what’s between us is a light that’s captivating us

denying us the luxury to embrace the dusk

filling up our souls and vacating them -simultaneously

making a deceptive promise of infinity


what’s between us is a sound of enchantment

contradicting the oath of radiance

producing melodies of surety and ‘what ifs’

fabricating an illusionary hope for end


But imagine, what between us was nothing but stardust

scattering away with every blow of wind

causing colorless desire and fondness.

…making no pledges to be shattered away

sustaining no longing to destroy this mark.

That One Summertime


Stealing me away like I was only yours to keep

Had a faith on that broken clock, but time took a leap

Realized hours are mortal and we had so much to achieve

Fell under the orthodox of morality, same as everyone perceived


You made yourself believe that love was just a myth

I denied myself of all common sense, figured you were never mine to begin with


Now I lay here, after all this time, with all that I have gained

Wondering how satisfaction must feel; all I persist is unfading pain

Got a house filled with artifacts but nothing that I need

Have a soul filled with banality that forever bleeds


Left with nothing but the reminiscence of time when you were mine

Left with nothing but some regrets and those irreplaceable echoes grimed

Left with nothing but those moments, back when everything was in line

But all I really gained are your memories and that photograph we took one summertime

Masked Persona


She looked the same to everyone

Masked under all that counterfeit

The way she mirrored all their moves

How proficiently she tried to fit


Her conduct was enough to bluff all but one

He could see right through her oblivion

Struggled endlessly to crack those walls

Devoted all he had in this overhaul


But his endeavors were clear to all but one

“No one ever could value my true perception”

Believing this, she let her insecurities be in control

And he drained out his entity drilling in a hole

Damaged Urn


The vase is filled with emptiness

Its enchanting allure concealed with dust

This damaged urn; useless

That once stood out the brightest

Chipped off insides, no exterior mark

A certain disfigured, apparent spark

That’s how things perish, that’s how it embarks

Pay attention to what’s vitiated, pay attention to its arc

Musky corner; its endless bide

Repair it with love, don’t throw it aside

Your presumption; unjustified

Have flowers ever grown when fertilized with cyanide?


guiltWhat’s concealed inside of me is a secret untold

Embellished by my demons, ashamed of its own skin

Wish I could scream it out, wishing I was that bold.

Staring at the ceiling all night, I wonder how guilt could be this strong

This self-conflicted dispute happening within

How can I end this absurdity, this is not where I belong

Each day I take a step, each day I get a little brave

And some day I will turn on the lights for them to look in

Someday I won’t be afraid of this unintended sin

Until then, I guess, I will have to live with these regretful waves

Until then I let my faults control me, until then I am enslaved

Prisoner in a body

He was just another man

With plans, ambition and eagerness

With hopeful dreams, some nervousness

Some joyous times and some thrilling bits

His honesty and furtherance

Had someone he loved, some damage done

The crazed obsession, his passion

Some regrets he had like all of us

Sleepless nights, undue loneliness

Inescapable errors, those waterfalls

Unstated words felt like wrecking balls

Wanted to reshape his existence

Wanted liberation but there were wretched hindrance

Wanted latitude, he wanted to fly

But his mind was imprisoned, he was paralyzed

Absurd quandary

You broke the locks that kept me chained

All this time, these doors were keeping me sane

Now I witness before
me, all the colors have changed

Every piece, every puzzle is deranged

Every instinct, sensation is out of place

Every eye that’s on me, filled with disgrace

I wonder if it’s easier to just mend the locks

Or is it time to elude these blocks?