That One Summertime


Stealing me away like I was only yours to keep

Had a faith on that broken clock, but time took a leap

Realized hours are mortal and we had so much to achieve

Fell under the orthodox of morality, same as everyone perceived


You made yourself believe that love was just a myth

I denied myself of all common sense, figured you were never mine to begin with


Now I lay here, after all this time, with all that I have gained

Wondering how satisfaction must feel; all I persist is unfading pain

Got a house filled with artifacts but nothing that I need

Have a soul filled with banality that forever bleeds


Left with nothing but the reminiscence of time when you were mine

Left with nothing but some regrets and those irreplaceable echoes grimed

Left with nothing but those moments, back when everything was in line

But all I really gained are your memories and that photograph we took one summertime

Absurd quandary

You broke the locks that kept me chained

All this time, these doors were keeping me sane

Now I witness before
me, all the colors have changed

Every piece, every puzzle is deranged

Every instinct, sensation is out of place

Every eye that’s on me, filled with disgrace

I wonder if it’s easier to just mend the locks

Or is it time to elude these blocks?